About the initiative

The Initiative

The crisis caused by the coronavirus confirms more than ever the importance of encouraging local businesses. Since the start of the pandemic, it has become crucial to keep our region’s trade healthy. Choosing to invest in local goods and services must become a value that unites us all.

Synonymous with our community vitality, local purchasing is important for several reasons. Buying local first means to have a direct impact on one’s own quality of life. It is to encourage its immediate environment by focusing on jobs, commercial diversity, economic health, social and event wealth, promoting the variety of leisure and entertainment while supporting our most vulnerable groups.

Since this crisis, many of us have adopted new ways of consuming, which is why our desire to facilitate access to our businesses is stronger than ever.

The entire Outaouais region is mobilizing to support local purchasing.

This initiative brings together all the region’s economic partners and aims to help customers naturally turn to local products and meet their needs by buying from local merchants.

Outaouais First is a movement that promotes local products and services and promotes local businesses. Thanks to our handy tools, buying local becomes a reflex, it becomes automatic and soon, a new habit.

Bringing together the forces of the Outaouais region

Outaouais First is the voice of all initiatives that facilitate local purchasing. Our mission is to bring together communities and sectors of activity that are also developing initiatives for their sectors and their members. The Outaouais First movement puts the spotlight on them so that we can discover, explore, choose and adopt what they have to offer.

Outaouais First, is above all an opportunity to discover all that the region has to provide. From Maniwaki to Montebello, from Fort-Coulonge to Wakefield, from Masson to Aylmer, to Gracefield, the entire Outaouais region is full of gems, products and services.

For a strong and vibrant community, a healthy environment in which to live, choose to buy locally.