I’m a business owner

The Outaouais First initiative is a movement to raise consumer awareness about buying from local businesses.

Our surveys confirm that, to a large extent, consumers are ready to pay a little more to obtain products and services from traders in their region.

The awareness campaign is not the only action to support the consumer. Here is what you can also do to help consumers buy from you:

  • Take part in the digital shift by selling online;
  • Constantly improve customer service;
  • Get tools to know your customers;
  • Strengthen your business processes;
  • Build customer loyalty;
  • Identify yourself with the Outaouais First movement.

I want to join the Outaouais First movement.

Joining the “Outaouais first” movement is to communicate loud and clear your pride in participating in the economic vitality of the Outaouais region and to share your passion with all consumers who already buy your products and services and all new consumers who want to discover them.

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