Reasons to buy local

Why buy local?


There are many good reasons why it’s important to buy local and invest in the economic vitality of our community. Here are a few of them:

Local purchasing is first and foremost a gesture of solidarity towards producers and entrepreneurs in the region. Investing in these companies allows them to redistribute this wealth within the community. This phenomenon generates an improvement in the incomes of workers in the region and leads to the creation and maintenance of jobs. These workers are you and me. These are your neighbors, your family, your children … These are the people from elsewhere who settle in the Outaouais and who are just as proud to discover the region has to offer.

By spending to buy products and services from here, you allow new initiatives to arise in our community. These projects develop into new businesses which translates into new investments and which generates more value for our entire community. This movement produces more jobs and revitalizes our economy. This diversity is so much more interesting and enriching than the large parking in other places.

The purchase of local products is also an eco-responsible gesture. All foreign trade generates many additional trips to the territory. This transportation adds to an already busy network and increases greenhouse gases and risks on the road.

Often buying locally is not much more expensive. Quebec entrepreneurs and businesses are proud of what they produce and tend to use better quality materials. Therefore, paying a little more for something that will last longer is a smart investment that pays off in the long run.

Buying locally also allows you to get what you want immediately or in often shorter times. By buying locally you often make sure you see and appreciate what you are buying and avoid disappointment.

Buying locally also means building relationships. It is about discovering local people and local entrepreneurs. It is giving yourself the chance to develop human relationships while shopping. There is nothing more rewarding for the consumer than being recognized by their local merchant. Conversely, it is just as rewarding for the entrepreneur to get to know their customers. Meet the passionate people who populate the businesses near you, you will benefit from the experience.

Shopping locally is often buying less but buying better. The small effort required to find local purchases pushes us toward more thoughtful choices. Taking the time to properly buy a product or service is wise and generally gives us a better appreciation of our purchases. Buying local translates as a gesture of responsible consumption.

Does buying local mean shopping in the Outaouais, Quebec or Canada? There is no perfect definition of local purchasing. Certainly, the more we buy in our region, the more the economic benefits are visible and tangible for each of us. Would you like to live in an environment where there are many businesses, flourishing jobs, abundant choices, neighborhoods are vibrant, important causes and the most vulnerable are supported and many activities are sponsored? Therefore, invest in your community, shop locally.


Buying local means investing in your community.