What is buying local

What does “buy local” mean


For Outaouais First, buying local means choosing to buy from a company whose owners live in the Outaouais.

Whether it is a food producer, a retail business, a professional service, a restaurant, an equipment supplier, a grocery store or an entertainment activity, you can choose everything for everyone directly in the Outaouais.

At the end of this promotion and awareness project, we hope to be able to identify and put forward all the businesses in the Outaouais so that consumers can discover, choose and invest in them.

Do you think buying local is something hard? Wanting to favor a company in your region to make your purchases is already a good starting point. There is a varying degree in the level of local purchasing. Before spending, we can ask ourselves a few questions to try to make the choice as local as possible.

Whatever you choose, buying from a business whose owner lives in the Outaouais is the most important thing.

In addition to buying from local businesses, it is also possible to become aware of varying degrees of the local character of a product or service.


These are the companies that source, process and sell their products and services in the Outaouais and elsewhere. A good majority of agrifood producers are of the localhyper order. The result of their economic activity has 100% regional repercussions.

Very local:

These are companies that source from elsewhere to transform and sell their products and services in the Outaouais. There are a variety of companies that buy materials outside the Outaouais. Part of the economic spinoff is outside of the region, but the balance in terms of processing and sale takes place here. Many of the grocery stores and restaurants owned by owners in the Outaouais, for example, are considered very local.


These are companies that source outside the Outaouais but sell their products or services in the Outaouais. Much of the economic spinoff is outside the region, but the economic result of the business year remains here. We find in this category several retail stores and renowned restaurant franchises which are owned by franchisees residing in the Outaouais.


These are companies which carry out a commercial exercise in the Outaouais territory, but do not belong to a local entrepreneur and as a result, the commercial exercise does not remain in the Outaouais. We find in this category large multinationals and internet platforms of international giants. These are certainly businesses that generate jobs and have economic repercussions in the Outaouais region. There may be businesses there that sometimes have local products on their shelves, but they are not local businesses.