Regional initiatives

The Outaouais has so much to offer!

All your desires, all your needs are at your fingertips. The region is full of products and services to have fun, work and enjoy a good meal, whether it is a snack or to fulfill the biggest hunger. Buying local means getting to know ourselves and living your daily life to the fullest to bring life in our community.

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Discover all the regional initiatives in the Outaouais that encourage local purchasing

AgriFood sector


The Outaouais territory includes 12 public markets throughout the 4 RCMs and the City of Gatineau. They allow you to stock up on food of unparalleled freshness and quality.

In addition, the public markets offer you the opportunity to meet producers and processors.

Discover the Outaouais’ public markets and stock up on groceries for the week!

The Marché de l’Outaouais is a non-profit solidarity cooperative that offers more than 2,200 local products prepared by more than 80 Outaouais producers.

Our mission: to make the region’s products accessible to the population of the Outaouais by creating a direct link between consumers and producers. This encourages regional development, community spirit, solidarity and environmental responsibility.

Local campaigns

Maniwaki et Vallée de la Gatineau

Buy Local Campaign to raise awareness of local purchasing among consumers in the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau.


Buy Local Campaign to raise awareness among consumers in the Aylmer sector about buying local.

Tourism sector

Tourisme Outaouais

Tourisme Outaouais launches its new marketing campaign: “Passe en mode Outaouais”!  People from the Outaouais and Ottawa are invited to discover or rediscover the region by eating, sleeping and doing activities here in the Outaouais!

Getting into Outaouais Mode means thinking of the Outaouais for your holidays and living experiences and activities in the five territories of the Outaouais.

Digital marketplace

Achatloco’s mission is to considerably improve the local purchasing experience in order to make it the best option available. We want to enable local communities to be more supportive by optimising the latest e-commerce and logistics technologies.

Buy local with social medias

Facebook Group that was created by the office of Outaouais MPs to help merchants promote their products/services during the COVID-19 health crisis. We invited merchants to publish their various offers to the citizens of our region.

Regional support initiative

To contribute to the economic recovery and support the buy local initiative across the Outaouais, Freebees and its collaborators have set up a support fund to help businesses from the region in their economic recovery and thus allow them to obtain the Freebees platform free of charge until December 31, 2020.

Freebees wants to allow a maximum of businesses in the Outaouais region to benefit from its expertise in rewards and gift card programs as well as the technologies that have been developed, free of charge, that allows businesses to increase their revenues through their own branded electronic money. This money is used to stimulate the economy by increasing consumers’ purchasing power and by contributing to a positive customer experience.

Provincial initiative

Funded by the Quebec government, Le Panier Bleu was launched to stimulate local purchasing and promote local products and businesses. Quebec merchants can use the platform as a showcase by registering their business. In addition to the visibility provided by the platform, business intelligence tools will be available to support them in their digital transformation. Consumers can use them to discover businesses by keyword, category or location.